Wall of Want

by Peter Cat Recording Co.

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A precursor to our 2nd LP, Wall of Want is a lo-fi collection of old tape experiments, self destructing loops, brief laptop recordings and just fuck all. Feel free to use any audio for samples or what not.


released January 1, 2012

The dog was found on facebook. Will the owner please contact us.



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Peter Cat Recording Co. New Delhi, India

Peter Cat Recording Co. - "postmodern jazz" and Wedding Specialists.

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Track Name: Servants
Do we make up the mind
Do we make up the mind
Do we love to say
we're seventeen again
the pull of you is
just what I remain
the jade the joint
the makers of the poor
my moonlight child
Track Name: Sun 1987 ( Version G )
1987 baby
We're young
and you're finally mine
but my oh my
but I don't even love you

1987 baby
we're loved
and we're trying it out
but I still doubt
that I could ever love you

1987 Baby
we're young
oh you're cold
and I've been told
that I should never
ever love you

1987 baby
We're young
and we're finally fine
but my oh my
but I don't even love you
Track Name: After Dinner
noisy father of girl taunting .
Track Name: A glass or two
And I don't care if they dance with you
cause I know you'll be mine
and I don't know if its a glass or two
but I know you'll stay mine
But your smile, it don't make me smile
cause your eyes they don't shine
and I know you're the best looking' one
but I'll find myself a new bride
I had hoped that it wouldn't change
but I've seen it recede
and my hopes and all my dreams
have fallen to disease
And the sun it don't like your face
cause it seems shadows hold you
and i know that i find it fearful
that I am your own
Theres a song for the ugly ones
but I've hoped you'd stay clear
cause your smile it don't make me smile
it make me wanna disappear
And the whole world is loving you
but I've seen what you really are
and I know that in just a day or two
I'll run away far from where you are
In my home I don't photograph
us living happily
cause its really not that nice
and I found it just a bit silly.
Track Name: Television Screens
I was drafted
in the midnight
my final inpudence

and afternoons were spent
in drawing rooms of cement
I blasted away at the flies

I lay me down
my eyes closed
stared at the young moonlight
and this couch where I sit
is a few days fit
to be thrown away forever
and darkness sets in
but my explosion
ends in a last gasp
but I drink to the night
and wednesdays are fine
for a rather sad affair

In the television screens
keep the humdrum
We could someday stare
My heart is a stone
and where is my bone
my father was scared again
'cause he was all all old
and chanting away
and chanting away
Track Name: You are the Sea
You are the sea
you are the dream
Track Name: Burn You
These were allowed by the code
Im tired of pictures,
tired of pictures so old
Peace in the poor years
but all along our lives
reach out and burnt you
burned you
burnt you
burnt you
Track Name: Kishore Kumari
Kishore Kumar and Sinatra in a noisy duet.
Track Name: Sweet Sweet Poison
sweetest poison
she broke my home
she took my socks
she wrote this song
she rode my heart
she breaks my face
she took my love apart

face it
she was real good
she tore up my chest
like she was a woman
and we made sweet
sweet sweetest love
it was red and I was dancing
in the walls

she was poison
I said poison
she was sweet poison
she tore me down
and broke me down
takes my heart
through the city
she burned our cradle of love
it had to go

now we're
we're dancing on the wall
her body is moving with mine
once and for all
she moved me up
she dragged me down
she locked me up
and ran away for good

we were dancing on the wall
left scars all over my shoulders
but when she woke up the next day
she forgot all the things that I said
and I was feeling little
left out